In this article we talk about Smack Down Commissioner Shane Mcmahon possible planned and partner revealed after Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan attack on Smack Down today Today.


Today We all see result of Today’s Smack Down Match and In our mind only one question is coming that what next for Shane Mcmahon.


In this Article we discuss on this topic only and we see some possibility for Shane Mcmahon and after that all your question answer you get in this Article


According to today’s Smack Down Match in Main Event we see that Shane Mcmahon comes in the match of Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan for Wrestlemania 34 Match that annouced by Shane Mcmahon.


And both the players (Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan) comes in the ring and attack on Shane Mcmahon after that only question is if He fight with those both player (Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan) in Wresltemania 34.



If yes so how and In which match with both players (Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan) In this article we talk only on this topic and i tell you some possibility for Shane’s come in Match.


First thing what even Shane do in fastlane Match or Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan comes for fight and people thing that the “Triple Threat Match” happens in these three player ‘Kevin ownes vs. Sami Zyan vs. Shane Mcmahon’





But i want to tell you that after the attack on Him in last match this possibility is very low, now

First Possibility is we see the Triple Threat Match with these 3 player. but if these happen both the player (Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan) break all the parts of Shane . In this match all the wwe fans will see one-sided match In wrestlemania 34. If this match is Booked so this will also happen that we see a Guest Referee in match (Daniel Bryan).


Second Possibility is Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan vs. Shane Mcmahon & Some Mystery partner tag team match. If this kind of match is booked fo it will be very nice for wwe fans and as well for WWE.

But in this also a question who will be the partner of Shane Mcmahon from Smack Down in this place we are getting three player name one of them play with a Tag Team Match with Shane Mcmahon.


Name of  The Players are: 


  1. Baron Corbin because Previously he fighted with both the players Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan


  1. Dolph Ziggler we hope that we see Dolph Ziggler in next match WWE booked him as a partner of Shane Mcmahon and he also fighted with both the players Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan.


  1. Daniel Bryan because Shane says “Daniel Bryan comes in Next Match” and he also says I have wrong opinion about him in the case of he fighted with both the players Kevin ownes & Sami Zyan because the these two players do in last match. So it’s my opinion that mostly chance who become the partner of Shane Mcmahon is Daniel Bryan.

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