Monday Night Raw HighLight And Result 12/03/2018

Monday Night Raw HighLight And Result

In this latest Article, we discuss About-

  1. WWE Raw 3/12/2018 Highlights
  2. WWE Raw 12 March 2018 Highlights
  3. Roman Reigns Suspended By Vince Mcmahon Raw 3/12/2018
  4. John Cena Challenges The Undertaker WWE Raw Mar. 12/2018
  5. Braun Strowman Wins Battle Royal to face The Bar Raw Tag Team Championship.
  6. Braun Strowman vs. The Bar ?? Raw Tg Team Championship.


So we can start are Article with first WWE update


  1. WWE Raw General Manager “Kurt Angle”
Roman Regins Angry
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He talks about his match and he says we see a very big and enjoyful tag team match and he talk so about universal Match that Brock Lesnar does not come today’s match and also crowd is not happy with that and after the line crowd also shout very loud “ou”, and than Roman Reigns Come there and he shout on kurt angle that he can’t respect Me (Roman Reigns) or You (Kurt Angle) and he does not respect anyone or Brock Lesnar does not comes in Raw episode also can he facing some problem’s so he gives penalty

He did not give any kind of penalty because he Vince Boy and Roman Regins says this is the biggest problem that any other wrestler will do this so he has to give penalty and he has to face problem but With Brock Lesnar that does not work with him but Roman Regins says Kurt Angle is not your fault you are Middle Man and he walks to back stage with he push him and he taking interview of vince Mc there Vince Mc says Brock Lesnar is not my Boy but Brock Lesnar he is his own man there Vince says yes you right Brock does not respect anyone but he gives very good competetion in ring. and After that, he says whatever Roman Reigns do so he was Suspended but he does not tell any time limit.


  1. Sonya Deville vs. Sasha Banks

But here Sasha Banks wins the match And Bayley don’t wish the Sasha banks.

Sasha Banks vs Sonya Deville
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  1. Braun Strowman Wins Battle Royal to face The Bar Raw Tag Team Championship.
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Last night’s tag team battle royal was amusingly not even about the tag teams! Braun Strowman was the star of the show as usual as he went on to demolish the entire tag team division in a matter of minutes.While the Monster Among Men impressed, as usual, Karl Anderson put on a solid showing too as he was the final man in the ring with Strowman.


  1. Braun Strowman vs. The Bar ?? Raw Tg Team Championship.


As we know In first point we know that Braun Strowman was will in Match and he going to fight with “The Bar” Raw Tag Team Championship Match. For, Raw Tag Team Title.


  1. John Cena Challenges The Undertaker WWE Raw


Comes and he says I have a chance in Royal Rumble, Elimination, and Fastlane but he does not take any kind of advantage of that chances or In next Wrestlemania 34 it is not be done. and he says he came to watch the match only as a fan he buy’s ticket and sit in audience i do not compete with anyone and I’m also very excited for the match and after that he changes the topic and challenge to Undertaker and in last John Cena say why undertaker is not to fight with me.

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