Wretlemaina 34 main event ! Big Updates Next Raw

In this article we discuss about:

  • Wrestlemania 34 Main Event Match
  • Jeff Hardy Arrested for DWI
  • Roman Reigns Steroids Case!
  • Wrestlemania 34 Match Card


1.           Wrestlemania 34 Main Event Match!

Previously, In WWE First win the royal rumble and then you will go in the Wrestlemania 34 main event match. But the story is changed now first you want to win in the elimination chamber. Then you have a chance to fight in universal championship Main Event with Brock Lesnar.

All WWE player is saying that they are playing in Main Event Match, But WWE also don’t know about it why are all player are saying they are in the match. In this place there are 2 things, First WWE really don’t know about is or they are hiding and it has a surprise of all WWE fans

 2.               Jeff Hardy Arrested for DWI.

We are waiting for the comeback of Jeff Hardy in WWE. But he was arrested today because when he was driving he break some rules But, Nothing for tension because the police release him after 1 hour But for today only he never drive a car by self for 30 days. We previously know that Jeff Hardy is arrested but this incident doesn’t harm the WWE status.

jeff hardy
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 3.              Roman Reigns Steroids Case!

Its relate with Drug controversy in have not interest to add this topic in our article but many people tell me to add this topic So I think ok I add this article, John recently adds a video in his tweeter account. 

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4.                Wrestlemania 34 Match Card

I’m telling you don’t be excited for the Next Raw match  Be super excited for match because first thing is we see brock or roman face in the match if brock come in last time of the match we lastly seen in pervious match or WWE announced that the match of Shasha vs. belly and in this preview in any place john cena name is not comes I think john cena was not coming in next raw match but when I check feature superstar so I saw john cena name also so we expect that john cena comes in match.


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