Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins

Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins

Monday Night Raw Main Event Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins

 Here we are on our new blog. Today we are going to talk about the Main Event In RAW which was on 15th January 2018. This was an interesting fight which was between Finn Baylor vs Seth Rollins. This fight is going to be an amazing fight, now let’s talk about the fight.
In the Starting of this Main Event, Finn Baylor is getting heavy on Seth Rollins.
But fortunately, Seth Rollins managed to dodge attacks of Finn Baylor, and saved himself from Dangerous attacks of Finn Baylor. Both of these Wrestlers are quietly same in power, so it’s very difficult to say who’s gonna win this fight. In between this fight, the starting is gonna be so much interesting that, from starting 2-3mins Finn Baylor threw Seth Rollins outside the ring by giving a nice punch on the face.
             After that Finn Baylor Kicked on Seth Rollins face, and won’t let Seth Rollins come inside the ring.  Outside the ring, Jason Jordan was standing for motivating Seth Rollins.  So Jason Jordan motivated Seth Rollins to go inside the ring. Finn Baylor started beating Seth Rollins hardly inside the ring, but Seth Rollins Kicked Finn Baylor on his Face and then another kick on Finn Baylor’s back and by this kick, Finn Baylor was thrown outside the ring and then have a Suicide Drop on Finn Baylor.
            After this Seth Rollins put Finn Baylor inside the ring.  And then wants that Finn Baylor should give up.  But Finn Baylor won’t give up. Both of these Wrestlers were very Angry with each other.  Perhaps these Seth Rollins attacks are just mind-blowing, so he wants to pin Finn Baylor. but failed at the count of two.  After this, Seth Rollins goes on TOP ROPE to give an awesome Drop attack but Finn Baylor moves from his place and kicked on Seth Rollins face.
           Then Finn Baylor climbs on the rope and wants to give a top Rope to Seth Rollins. But Seth Rollins woke up and gave a nice Grappling attack to Finn Baylor and then wants to pin him. But failed. beside this Sheamus and Cesaro came inside the arena and started beating members with Finn Baylor and Jason Jordan. And when these things are going on Finn Baylor jumped on everyone.and then came inside to beat Seth Rollins. But Jason Jordan grabbed Finn Baylor legs and then Seth Rollins gave his last Kick to Finn Baylor on his face then Pinned him. I again say you that this match was just awesome. If you haven’t seen this fight, follow the link below:

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