The Shiled vs The Balor Club

 The Shield vs The Balor Club

The Shield vs The Club

Here we come to our new blog. The Monday Night Raw which was held on 8th January 2018, this match was awesome guys, it’s the Shield vs the  Balor Club.
All of you knows that there are three members of Shield which are JASON JORDAN, SETH ROLLINS, and ROMAN REIGNS. But don’t underestimate the members of Second Team i.e The  Balor Club which are Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Finn Balor.
Now, let’s talk about the fight.  The fight was started by Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Both of the wrestlers are strong and have so much of stamina. But somehow Finn Balor move is amazing. So both the wrestlers tried to Pin another one, but failed to do a Pin.  After annoying from this The  Balor club had a tag and Karl Anderson came inside the ring and started beating and tried pin on Seth Rollins. Then again The  Baylor’s club have tagged Luke Gallows and tried double team attack, but Seth Rollins failed there to attack.
The Shield has a tag and Roman reigns came inside the ring and beaten both luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.  From this Finn Balor came inside to beat The Shield but Finn Balor was beaten by Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and thrown outside the ring. Then Roman Reigns attacked very badly on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.  All the members of The Shield came inside the ring and showed their power by shouting. Then the ring was empty and Seth Rollins and Finn Balor came inside the ring. Seth Rollins was beaten by Finn Balor, but Seth Rollins threw Finn Balor face on the Corners of the ring.
Then The Shield has the tag and Roman Reigns came inside the ring. and hardly beat Finn Balor. Gives 10 back to back punches and a nice kick on the face of Finn Balor. And Roman Reigns then wants to give his Signature attack i. e SUPERMAN PUNCH, but Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Distracted Roman Reigns and by taking this thing an advantage Finn Balor attacked Roman Reigns. Then, The Finn Balor club Had a tag to Karl Anderson.
Karl Anderson was very angry and beat Roman Reigns and hard and tried Pin but he failed. The Finn Balor club beat The whole
Shield members. Roman Reigns was their main target, and they want to Pin Roman Reigns as soon as possible. But Roman Reigns is very strong he gave an impressive attack to Karl Anderson. Then there was a Tag between Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. And Shield has also tagged and Seth Rollins came inside. Seth Rollins suicide dive and Tried Pin Karl Anderson, but failed then Luck gallows came inside.  And Seth Rollins gives a Dropkick to Luck gallows. Then there was a misunderstanding between Jason Jordan and Roman Reigns. Then Roman Reigns goes outside the Ring and gave a Superman punch to Karl Anderson and a spare to Luck Gallows. Inside the ring, Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins are taking care of each other. But Finn Balor is also inside, He attacked Seth Rollins and Pin him.

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