Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe Intercontinental Championship

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe Match For Intercontinental Championship Title

Here we come to our new blog. Today we are going to talk about today’s Inter-continental Championship match which was held on 1 JAN 2018. This match was between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe, as we all know by hearing the names of these wrestlers, that this fight will be too awesome and everyone has to see this match. In the starting of the match both of them was looking aggressive and wants to win this fight at any cost. And the main thing about this fight is that, if Roman Reigns gets Disqualified, he will lose his Inter-continental Championship. So he has to fight carefully and he doesn’t even want that he will lose the fight by disqualified.
Let’s talk about the interesting fight now,  in the starting of this fight Samoa Joe showed his aggressive nature and started beating Roman Reigns, then Roman started beating Samoa joe badly, but referee stopped him and by taking advantage of this conversation, Samoa Joe gave Roman reigns a throw and then gave a Suplex to Roman Reigns.and then Samoa Joe wants to Pin Roman reigns but he saved himself.
Samoa Joe just wants to beat Roman Reigns and gave many attacks to him. And tried to Pin him many times.  But failed every time, Samoa Joe also tried that Roman Reigns will submit, but Roman Reigns is not a Loser. He stands up and beats Samoa Joe hardly as hell. But , Samoa Joe has so much power that he gave a single punch to Roman Reigns, and he was stunned . Then Samoa Joe wants to pin him but failed, everytime Roman Reigns was able to save himself, And Samoa Joe was getting very angry from this.
This match was a just awesome man. Both of these wrestlers are fighting till there last breath. In between, Roman Reigns threw Samoa Joe on the Steel Stairs. And gave two Superman Punches to Samoa Joe, and then wants to pin Samoa Joe but failed..  Samoe Joe was going to give a Euro Nagi to Roman Reigns but failed. Then again given an Euro Nagi and wants to Pin Roman Reigns buy failed man, Bad luck. And at the end of this Mind Blowing match, Roman Reigns gave his final attack THE SPEAR and then Pin Samoe Joe. Roman reigns kept his Title of The Intercontinental Championship.

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