WWE Monday Night Raw The Shiled vs The Bar

WWE Monday Night Raw The Shield vs The Bar

Here we are with our new blog guys, today we are going to talk about the Monday Night RAW which was held at the festival of Christmas which was on 25th December. Hence last week Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were on the backstage..  And then Cesaro and Sheamus came and beat both of them soo badly.


So this match is a Tag team match between Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan vs THE BAR(Sheamus and Cesaro). 

This match was so much interesting, as no one would make the predictions of this match.  It’s enough guys, now let us talk about that interesting fight. The match was started by Sheamus and Jason Jordan. As U can’t underestimate the power of Jason Jordan, but Sheamus and Cesaro have done double team attacks on Jason Jordan, so Seth Rollins came inside to help Jason Jordan, and threw both of them outside the ring, And gave a Death Fall to both of them. After that, Sheamus and Cesaro hardly beat Seth Rollins by Double team kicks then tried to pin Seth Rollins, but he managed to put himself out of the cover.

But Cesaro hasn’t let Seth Rollins do a Tag. And both Sheamus and Cesaro take him to there side and beat him badly.and tried to pin Seth, but he saved himself. I told u guys all of them here in the ring are powerful.
Then Sheamus threw Seth Rollins out of the ring and Cesaro punched Seth again.But Jason Jordan came there and beat cesaro badly. Then Sheamus and Cesaro both threw Jason Jordan to the court. And Jason Jordan was injured so badly by this. But Seth Rollins managed to beat both Sheamus and Cesaro And wants a Tag But Jason Jordan was outside because he was injured.
Both Sheamus and Cesaro take advantage of this that Seth Rollins can’t have the Tag. So they made Seth Rollins their target. But Jason Jordan came inside and punched Sheamus so much worse that he was on the ground. Then Sheamus and Jordan have the tags and came inside. And Jason Jordan beat very very badly to both of them, and wanted to pin Sheamus but fails. This match was interesting and big. In the last some minutes Seth Rollins and Sheamus were outside the ring. So Seth threw Sheamus on the Steel Stairs, and Jason Jordan takes advantage of this and Pin Cesaro. The new Tag Team champions after this interesting match are Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins…
You can see the full video of this match here…


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