The Shield was lost Dean Ambrose to a shoulder injury

The Shield was lost Dean Ambrose to a shoulder injury

here are four options:

The Shield reunion had been one of the greatest moment of 2017 but first viral infection to Roman Regins, and now Shoulder injury to Dean Ambrose could leave The Lunatic Fringe out for one month.


Kurt Angle-

The Shield already teamed up with The Olympic Gold medalist at TLC to take on The Miz and his four-man team, and while the match had to be greatly changed due to Reigns no longer being able to compete, it wasn’t really that bad.

In the end, this probably wouldn’t be the best long-term option, especially with Kurt Angle’s age and previous injuries, but if WWE wants to, they should definitely try to capitalize on a dream team concept like this. Not only would it help The Shield and give them a boost, it also allows the WWE Universe to continue to see something they haven’t before.


Jason Jordan-

Jason Jordan is the nice SuperstarĀ of WWE RAW and very Attractive, and also the son of the Kurt Angle.

hat means WWE is either going to have to break The Shield up and have the two remaining Superstars go their separate ways, or find a replacement for Dean Ambrose while he recovers.

With that being said and the rumor of Jason Jordan is the one to take that role on.


Triple H-

Another one that has already happened once, and although it would be hard to make Triple H a babyface again, the mega group would definitely be something special for fans to enjoy. Not only that, it could also serve as a great way to tease a heel turn for The Shield right before WrestleMania 34.

Maybe WWE can have Triple H offer to join the faction, but then start to slowly manipulate Reigns into doing his dirty work. Triple H could then threaten to take Reigns’s opportunity at the Universal Title away if he doesn’t do what he is told, which would set up a little hostility between Reigns and Rollins as well.


Finn Balor-

It’s no secret that Finn Balor needs something to do after being stuck in storyline purgatory over the past couple months and what better way to do that then to put him with The Shield? Not only would it give the WWE Universe a chance to see a dream team be created for the foreseeable future, it also helps Reigns and Rollins continue on as a unit.

With that being said, the possibilities would be endless from there and might even be a great way to create a Finn Balor heel turn as well. Sure, Balor might lose some fan support in the process, especially after betraying Rollins and Reigns, but it would make sense if a chance at the Universal Title was on the line and could be a launching point for all three stars.

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